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Alpha Cloud Services is a cloud and machine learning solutions provider that helps organizations solve complex business challenges. We use a pragmatic approach to meet customer objectives, and deliver simple, easy to sustain solutions.  We value speed-to-market, improving business outcomes, and developing strong partnerships with our clients.

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Achieve additional efficiency out of your processes through the deployment of automated technology. Free your staff to focus on higher value work through the elimination and automation of repetitive tasks. Manual tasks, repetitive tasks, redundant tasks, are all sources of waste in a business. Deployment of automated technology saves time and money. Faster task completion reduced errors, and increased throughout are just some of the ways companies can benefit from automation.

Let us help you create agility and reduce costs through systematized process execution.  We can design, deploy and manage a solution that helps your organization unleash additional efficiency.

AI & Machine Learning

Deploy machine learning models that improve over time, and provide increased efficiency and accuracy the more data that they consume.

Image recognition, voice to text, sentiment analysis, chat bots, anomaly detection, and recommendation engines are just some of the solutions that can be provided through the application of advanced machine learning.  Take advantage of big data, and cut down time to market, by leveraging us to develop the right solution for your needs.

Working with us gives you the ability to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning for your business.

Web Application Development

Develop cloud native and hybrid apps that run your business.  We’re a custom software partner that can design, develop and support innovative solutions to your business needs.

Business can be constrained by unresolved constraints. Let us help you evaluate the challenge, and find the right answer in custom software development.

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